So you want to be a software test automator?

Software tester

So you want to be a software test automator and don’t know how to start.

There are plenty of ways to become a software test automator and we’ve talked to a number of people curious about how to break into the field. If you ask current test automators what their background is here are some answers you may get: read more…

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QA Management – Why Bother?

QA Management - Why Bother? Two weeks ago we asked if QA Management was a oxymoron. Today we are going to partially answer that question with a  NO! In the smallest set of terms; QA Management is there to save a company or organization money and to make a project run...

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Performance Testing

Performance Testing is big! Mind-boggling big especially for software testers charged with completing it. And it is not going to get smaller with the Internet-of-Things coming at Warp Speed. In effort to subdivide and conquer the need for Performance Testing we are...

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QA Management – An Oxymoron

An oxymoron is two contradictory terms that have been used in conjunction so is "QA Management" an oxymoron or is it simply contradictory? Is it possible to manage Quality Assurance for Quality Assurance or are we wasting our time trying to manage quality? After the...

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Negative Testing

Negative Testing In many software testing scenarios, testers can use positive testing and/ or negative testing methods. Positive testing means that the item being tested reacts as expected when the expected input is entered. Negative testing typically means that the...

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The Results of Software Tester Training

Software tester training seems to be something that needs a lot more attention, given how many conversations we've had on this topic. A few weeks ago we talked about How We Train Software Testers? We get a surprising number of questions about software tester training...

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System Boundary Diagram

System Boundary Diagrams sometimes come up in the context of a Use Case and sometimes in the context of Software Testing. Either way they are a useful in the effort expended when determining what to test. While the 'normal' System Boundary Diagram shows the boundaries...

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How Do We Train Software Testers?

Software tester training is something that appears to require a lot more attention, given the number of conversations we have on a regular basis. We get a surprising number of questions about software tester training and plans, so we've dedicated our next blog series...

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Testing Sources of Information

Sources of information for testing tend to come from two extremes. In some cases you may have almost no information and find it difficult to start. In other cases you may have far too much information and not know what to do with it all or where to start or stop...

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