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Brenda: A few months back you recommended Neil Price-Jones from NVP Software Solutions to consult on a software validation Non Conformance. We have been working with Neil and his associates since September and I’m glad to report that they steered us through this complex issue virtually pain free. Thanks for referring us to Neil’s Co. They did a great job and we would highly recommend them.


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We were looking at the risk factors surrounding a project and asked NVP for any formal methods they might know to calculate those risk factors. Neil came back with a document outlining several items that could be considered and also with some categorisations for High, Medium and Low Risk. We are using the relevant ones in our project to help contain the risk.

Senior QA Engineer

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It’s seldom you come across such a passionate and standout talent like NVP. Neil’s exceptional knowledge of process implementation, improvement and modernization including all ins and outs of Software Quality Assurance and Testing makes him the first person to contact regardless of the domain or business you are in. You can count on him and his organization NVP Software Solutions for all your Software Quality Assurance and Testing needs as well as for training and mentoring your project teams to make them compliance with Industry’s best practices.


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Anyone seeking professional advice and service in matters of QA and testing strategy, methodology and process - as well as business and management in general, is in excellent company with NVP. I consider Neil a mentor and I appreciate his wealth of knowledge, his lets-get-it-done approach to issues, and his personable manner. I have enjoyed collaborating with him and I hope our paths will cross again.


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Neil and his team provided our Organization excellent guidance and mentoring within the QA/Testing functions. Their expertise helped us motivate the team to begin the process of implementing processes to generally improve our products. NVP’s recommendations were similar to what we discovered were implemented at the company that acquired us. Excellent validation from another third party source. Highly recommend their services!

Chief Customer Officer

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Neil is detailed oriented and customer focused. He worked with me to create custom QA course that was tailored for my team. The delivery was successful and benefited all QA role levels.

Custom Course

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We contracted with Neil and his firm a couple of different times to assist us in our Software Quality Assurance processes. The engagements ranged from drafting up Test Planning and Strategy standards, templates to leading our test activities for major initiatives. Neil not only brought his quality assurance expertise but was willing to share some of the other best practices he has seen in other engagements for us to improve in other areas of our software development lifecycle.


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