Big Data – How Not Why

A recent talk on Big Data illustrated one of the conundrums that seems to be currently plaguing the industry. The talk addressed HOW to deal with Big Data assuming that it had already been gathered but not WHY it was gathered in the first place. Fortunately an Economist article from last week “Off the Map” provided… Continue reading Big Data – How Not Why

Startups and Small Companies Need QA

There is a common view that Quality Assurance is restricted to larger companies like Banks, Utilities, and Telecommunications organisations. This view is misleading: Startups, Small Companies and Not-for-profit groups also need QA. As a matter of fact, in many ways they need it more than some of the larger companies because larger companies have the resources to recover… Continue reading Startups and Small Companies Need QA

Apps Need Quality Assurance Also

Many people equate the requirement for Quality Assurance with old applications in large businesses. However Apps need Quality Assurance also, although for different reasons. Many of the old applications in large businesses are mission critical to the business and their profitability. Failure of those applications will have major repercussions and may drive the business into… Continue reading Apps Need Quality Assurance Also