Examples of Validation

Examples of Validation are one of the easier items to find as long as the definition referred to in the some of the earlier posts is used. Validation covers all active testing where code has been generated and we are able to run it actively. So it includes at least the following list of Test… Continue reading Examples of Validation

Validation Applicability in Software Testing

Many people believe that Validation is Software Testing and that is all there is to the profession. As was stated in our earlier blogs Validation is only half of it. It is the more expensive ‘half’ but has had far more effort put into it by many people. Validation is applicable in Software Testing as… Continue reading Validation Applicability in Software Testing


Quality Assurance has a number of subdivisions; one of those being Quality Control (sometimes referred to as Software Testing). We have been discussing Verification for the last four weeks. See our blog. Today we start into Validation We define Validation as being the active part of testing where completed, compiled, and promoted code is being… Continue reading Validation

Quality Assurance Supports Verification

Quality Assurance supports verification for a number of reasons not least of which is the potential for cost savings for you! The key is to know where to apply the appropriate level of verification. It is quite possible to verify too many items and lose the benefits of reduced rework since it is all used… Continue reading Quality Assurance Supports Verification