Implementing Metrics

Implementing Metrics is the hardest aspect of the entire Process Improvement process. It is reasonably easy to determine a need for metrics – anything that can be measured and will lead to cost savings is a candidate for a metric. It is usually fairly straightforward to determine what to measure as long as the question… Continue reading Implementing Metrics

Using Metrics for Process Improvement

There are three aspects to using metrics for Process Improvement: Defining the correct metric to gather Gathering the correct statistics to determine that metric Making use of the results We have already discussed the first two in previous posts so we will make the assumptions that the correct metric has been defined and the correct… Continue reading Using Metrics for Process Improvement

Examples of QC & QA Metrics

It is reasonably easy to define measurements and metrics for any particular organization or project. The bigger question is whether those metrics are relevant to the¬†project and work at hand. Metrics or Measurements Specific to Quality Control Number of tests Number of defects Defects per module Percent of tests completed The above are fairly obvious… Continue reading Examples of QC & QA Metrics

Quality Assurance Metrics

In our last post we listed the need for some way of measuring Process Improvement without going into too much detail about how. What we were referencing was Quality Assurance Metrics. We define a metric similar to the way Wikipedia does in that it is the degree to which software possesses some desired characteristic. This… Continue reading Quality Assurance Metrics