Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence

Last week we discussed a misconception about Quality Assurance. Judging from some of the feedback we received, the post struck a nerve. Many people talked about the how they had encountered a similar misconception and what could be done about it. Although education seems to be the answer, it is ongoing and can be frustrating… Continue reading Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence

Quality Assurance

Toward the end of last year we encountered a situation where our presence in a project was there to “Assure Quality” or that “Quality was Assured” simply by us being there. Although the comment was made somewhat in jest, it showed a misunderstanding of Quality Assurance that can lead to dire consequences. Quality Assurance is… Continue reading Quality Assurance

Testing for System Integrators – Part 5

Last week our blog discussed the remaining answers to the questions and promised that we would look in detail at two of the answers (which are somewhat similar so we will concentrate on one only). There is nothing in the contract (contract is signed) and there is no intention of putting anything in the contract… Continue reading Testing for System Integrators – Part 5