Scheduling Test Cycles

Scheduling Test Cycles often seems to create challenges for Managers, so we thought we’d tackle this for today’s blog. In our experience, there seems to be an ingrained view from Test Managers and Development Managers to not leave time between the Test Cycles or the Fix Cycles for the other party to do their work. I have seen Test Cycles… Continue reading Scheduling Test Cycles

Quality Assurance Process Improvement – Part 2

Quality Assurance Process Improvement is the current topic in our Blog Series. We completed a series of 4 on Assessments because at the end of the Assessment process a lot of organizations won’t act on the Assessment results if they don’t have a plan for moving forward. This is particularly true if the Assessment has not been tailored to… Continue reading Quality Assurance Process Improvement – Part 2

Test Run

Our latest blog will discuss the Test Run. For today’s purpose, NVP considers a Test Run to be one, single execution of a testcase. This could mean that the testcase ran to completion and the expected AND actual results were identical, or that the case the testcase did not have actual results that equalled the expected. We have stayed away… Continue reading Test Run