How Do We Train Software Testers?

Software tester training is something that appears to require a lot more attention, given the number of conversations we have on a regular basis. We get a surprising number of questions about software tester training and plans, so we’ve dedicated our next blog series on how to train software testers.

Why Test Training

Test training is something that should be a ‘given’ and not something that a blog series should be devoted to. However, we get a surprising number of questions about test training and plans, that we thought we’d address a few of them here. So why train testers? You may recall that we defined three broad categories a couple of… Continue reading Why Test Training

The Out-of-Scope of Testing

The Out-of-Scope of Testing has only one definition (unlike the Scope of Testing) but it is much harder to document. We want to list everything we are not planning to test! However, the inevitable question is how far to go with our list. Obviously we are not going to list everything we are not going… Continue reading The Out-of-Scope of Testing