Selling QA

In the last couple of blogs we talked about Early Involvement and the ROI of Quality Assurance. A list of a few places where Quality Assurance pays was also provided. However, Selling Quality Assurance can still be a challenge. Some organisations see the benefit and buy in to the concept permanently. Others never make the… Continue reading Selling QA

June Events in Software Testing in the GTA and beyond

  NVP Software Solutions will be participating in the following software testing and quality assurance events happening this June in Ontario, Canada. The events are located in Toronto, Kitchener-Waterloo and London in the coming two weeks. Check out the relevant websites for more information and to register. This is a great opportunity to connect with… Continue reading June Events in Software Testing in the GTA and beyond

Quality Assurance ROI

One of the items which comes up in most Quality Assurance discussions is the determination of what Return on Investment Quality Assurance provides. It can be hard to justify and obviously depends on the Costing Model used in your organisation. The factors in the Costing Model may differ but the overall trend is always the… Continue reading Quality Assurance ROI