A Better Way to Test – 7

A better way to Test – 7

In our last blog we discussed, testing to risk.

One of the methods we mentioned to address Risk was testing, even if it was not the only method. However, stating that we should test and actually completing the task are two different items. Testcases have to be written or at least understood. Results need to be gathered (in some fashion) and reports produced. Whether you are working very formally and need everything recorded or can just rely on what you have seen and experienced without proof does not matter. You will have to do some testing and to do testing you need some sort of statement of what you are going to do and accomplish.

We recommend building test conditions or test objectives in order to determine what is going to be tested. These don’t have to be in detail or have all the components of a standard testcase as long as they are commensurate with the risk of the project. This key point seems to be missed quite frequently. People (in particular those who are under time and budget pressure) want to reduce the level and detail of testing until it does not sufficiently address the risk.

The above reason is why we suggest connecting the testcase to the risk where possible. That makes it much easier to calculate the risk of doing or not doing a particular testcase during a testing cycle. It also, coincidentally, feeds your regression base immediately and allows proper selection when the time runs out.

Take a look at some of the seminars that we offer that address this situation and see if they apply to you. Testing can be better.
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