A few good crises

Last week we mentioned how October used to be Quality Month and now has also been designated as CyberSecurity Awareness month. But the question that arises is how to get Quality accepted in your organization. One client once said that a “A few good crises” would aid Quality Assurance in being accepted. A very true statement and as an external consultant, that was true. However, the people inside the organization were not quite so thrilled with that thought. Clearly crises, were not a good reflection on their management since they should be helping avoid them.

Our suggestion is to redo the statement as: A few good crises averted and see where you get with that. Start a log of what was averted by your work. Add it to the issue reports as a separate field. Clearly this is bundled in with Risk Management and needs to be attached to the Risk of something occurring. Something that was very low risk is not really a candidate for an averted crisis. However, something that is High Risk and was successfully avoided is a much better candidate for the list. Concentrate on those.

What are you doing to avert crises?

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