Automated Testing

Judging from what we have heard, AI seems to be the favourite flavour for Automated Testing in 2019. Many of the tools are stating that they are AI enabled or AI enhanced and claiming massive productivity gains as a result.

We are still seeing tools that require a lot of technical knowledge and other ones that have hidden the actual scripting from the users.

One other major change is that most tools are now automatically offering either a cloud based or an on-premise solution to suit every client’s wishes and, more importantly, their security needs.

Tools go through a cycle every few years. For a while we get a different test tool for every possible situation, then someone comes and consolidates a large number of tools into one tool that addresses most situations. Then the cycle starts again. Obviously this cycle is driven by the technology used to build applications and what level of testing is needed.

In addition to the technology that is used to build any particular product, the methodology also impacts the way automation is applied. Any iterative methodology has vastly different needs from a standard Waterfall methodology.

What we are not seeing, is much initial analysis to select the best test tool for an organisation. We are still seeing selection based on features and not necessarily on functionality that is applicable throughout the organisation. We are seeing some ROI for individual automation efforts but that is after the tool is selected and implemented. However, as discussed last week, that calculation is not over the entire organisation or over an extended time period. This means we are losing out on some automation opportunities and completing some based on a false calculation.

So will this change in the 2020? It seems unlikely in view of the above unless we consider the following:

  1. Calculate the real benefit of implementation of automation over multiple projects and years.
  2. Find an automation tool that suits your situation. There are many good ones around; you just need to find the appropriate one. Talk to us about a well tested methodology for test tool acquisition.

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