Automated Testing 2021

Automated Testing 2021

The term “Automated Testing” means different things to different people. Some people go for an all-encompassing definition that includes anything that is not manual. Other people restrict it to a very limited subset of what could theoretically be done. However, by far the most common definition is automation of the Manual User Testing that is usually done at the end of testing; i.e. the interaction at screen level with the application under test. Something about carrying out this process bothers a lot of people and they are willing to spend a lot of money to get out of doing it. Of course, it also tends to shift the testing to a Test Automator and away from the user. You could argue endlessly about whether that is a good thing or not but that is not the intent of this blog.

A brief (and entirely unscientific) study:

  • Many tools are concentrating on one particular problem or methodology.
  • You can pick the best method for generating tests.
  • The same tools mentioned in the previous points are synchronizing seamlessly with other tools.

Overall this seems like good progress. You can select a set or subset of tools that suit your current conditions and then bolt on others as the needs arise. You are no longer locked into one particular process and trying to force fit everything into that methodology.

The two issues that always come up are:

  1. Maintenance costs – we received a good graphic about this from a recent webinar. Contact us for a discussion.
  2. Eventually you will have to migrate from the existing tool. The only question is how soon and how much will it cost?

One thing not to forget is to note the Lessons Learned from the process. Don’t let the rush of the project prevent you from making some notes as to what went wrong and what could be improved for next time. Otherwise the same situation will repeat itself.


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