Staying In – Part 6

What about Quality Assurance after the Lockdown?

There have been a lot of questions about what will happen with Quality Assurance once things return to ‘normal’.  People who believe emphatically in Maslowe are looking at the lower levels of the hierarchy and wondering whether basic needs will be met.  There have been some headlines about food crops either not being planted or not being harvested due to a lack of labour.  This is a major concern.   Other less critical items have also been disrupted and may take a long time to get a semblance of normalcy with many false starts. There was also an interesting article on how the stimulus that many countries have provided could be used to further other world wide issues including climate change by targeting the recovery funds at certain industries.

However, whether you look at Maslowe and worry about basic supplies or want to address some of the larger issues, the fact is that many, if not all, of these endeavors depend on software to occur.  Much of the food chain is software dependent and any statistics that are gathered on a world-wide basis require assessment and manipulation by software.  In short, software permeates most of what we do (which we already knew) and that is likely to continue.  So at a very base level, nothing will change.  Software will be required and it will need to be tested and we will need to use Quality Assurance techniques to facilitate ongoing improvement.

Many clients are continuing with projects and initiating new ones.  They feel the need for ongoing maintenance and improvement exceeds any concerns about the impacts of the current situation.  In short, little has changed and it is expected we will still have to fight to get Quality Assurance recognised.

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