Staying In – Part n+6

QA as an Afterthought

Continuing with the theme from last week about recalcitrant IT, we ask why QA is often an afterthought?

  1. Is it because QA is ‘traditionally at the end of the project”?
  2. Is it because people have too much else going on at the beginning of a project and cannot think about QA?
  3. Is it because QA does ‘not fit anywhere’ at the corporate level so ends up nowhere?
  4. Is it because QA is regarded as a necessary evil which no one wants to acknowledge?
  5. Is it because we do not know when QA is  needed and by the time we find out it is too late to make a difference?
  6. Is it because QA does not do a good job of selling ourselves?
  7. Is it because …

We could certainly go on with all the reasons that QA seems to be frequently ignored. 

Not surprisingly, when people do take the time to consider the Return on Investment for QA, they are often shocked by how much it benefits them.

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