Staying In – Part n+2

We are taking a slight detour from the theme of the last several weeks  and asking what Quality Assurance means to you?

The classic definition, as per some of the pioneers of Quality Assurance (external to Software), is Process Improvement.

So you look at your existing processes and try to improve them.  Possibly your processes have extra steps or people are repeating information into multiple locations due to a lack of access.  These two are very common.  Someone needs something in a different format or someone needs something that requires them to extract something from the process.  We spend a lot of time doing this.  This can be hard to recognize when you in the middle of the process and under time pressure.  It takes a step back and a review of the process either from a distance or after many iterations – preferably both, and extending over a period of time so we can identify anything that is specific to the time evaluation and make sure our statistics are correct.  This has been a challenge for years and will probably continue.

So having said that, “What is your definition of Quality Assurance?”

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