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You might want to consider these events to network with other QA people or learn some of the new ideas in QA.

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NVP Software Solutions will be participating in the following software testing and quality assurance event happening this January in Ontario, Canada. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the events are online and are available to all. Check out the relevant websites for more information and to register. This is a great opportunity to connect with other software testing and quality assurance professionals. We hope to see you there!

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January 26, 2021 6:00 p.m. EDT – Online – Event is being offered for free.

Presenter: Peter de Jager

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January 27, 2021  11:30 a.m.   Online

I am tester and I build my own test environments

Presenter:  Mahesh M

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The purpose of Meetings

Recently I was asked to provide a short history of a local Quality Assurance organization. Starting with the previous organization, I went through the 25-year history in about 5 minutes. The one major overriding change in those 25 years was the advent of the internet...

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One of the problems QA people have is deciding how much proof is enough.  Proof is expensive and time-consuming to generate.  Even with the current test tools taking screen images and storing them, you may have to annotate the proofs and combine them with other items...

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One of the problems QA people have is explaining Software Quality Assurance to IT or to the business.  Some people will talk about Software Testing.  Others will refer to Test Automation.  Still others will refer to Process Improvement.  Some will start down the path...

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Staying In – Part n+8 The need for Paper

Normally one of our mantras is as little paper as possible.  Only ink signed contracts or items that should not exist online longer than necessary would be printed.  So far we have succeeded in cutting the paper to a minimum.  Less than 20 pages for all the work to...

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Managing in Uncertainty Starting a course today on "How to" for Test Leads.  Normally we would supply this course in person and with the group in one room.  Under the current conditions, that is not possible, so the course is being supplied remotely with the...

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Staying In – Part n+6

QA as an Afterthought Continuing with the theme from last week about recalcitrant IT, we ask why QA is often an afterthought? Is it because QA is 'traditionally at the end of the project"? Is it because people have too much else going on at the beginning of a project...

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Staying In – Part n+5

Just finished a short article in the latest Economist called "Why companies struggle with recalcitrant IT".  (July 18, 2020 Edition). Several points stood out: The usual list of IT problems that get mentioned in the press. It is recommended that planes be turned off...

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There has been a change in direction with regard to Quality Assurance and your services are no longer required. The Quality Assurance department has not changed in 18 months (the average half life) therefore we need to reorganize it.     Stop me if you have...

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