Staying In

Like many people in the past few weeks, we have been spending more time at home and in isolation as best we can. Most non-essential businesses in our area have been closed or are closing tonight. However, several of our clients are in the exempt list so work will be continuing in the short term at least. Most items can be done online so there is little loss of productivity.

The biggest change that has been noticed is the slowing down of some projects. Projects that would have rushed the planning stage are now taking time to consider all the possibilities and the required Testing and Quality Assurance processes before signing off on the scope and timeline. It is nice to have the time to consider the best way of doing project tasks even if the original reason for this change is not one we, or anyone, wanted. A global pandemic is NOT something anyone wants.

It seems the Project and Product Managers are also considering this since they realise they may have limited time to implement the projects and little or no chance to redo items. Even if we wait until after the concern has passed, there will be a backlog of projects that will put pressure on timelines. The more we are ready with full planning and everything ready, the faster the projects will move at the end.

For projects and initiatives that were already underway when the restrictions came into place we are seeing some creative solutions to current testing needs although some technical considerations are leading to trade off decisions on what can and cannot be done. Mobile devices used for testing which can only be used internally on the office network being one example of something needing a decision.

Finally we thought we would opt for a nice peaceful picture this week. We wish you the best in the current situation.

Give us a call to continue the discussion. We have supplied Assessment, Coaching, Consulting Management and Training to Financial, Telecommunications, Utlities, NFP, and Government to name just a few.

Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash

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