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Essentials of Test Leadership

Course Length: Flexible

Location: Online

Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2021-12-31

Price: $500 CAD

Course Description:

Workshop Benefits

This workshop will present techniques to help you:

  • Review the Software Development Testing Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Distinguish between leadership and management
  • Understand and conduct risk analysis
  • Organize the test environment
  • Learn the documentation structure of the test effort
  • Measure the test effort
  • Organize the project team: roles and responsibilities of members, staff selection and training
  • Realize the methods and activities that will contribute to continuous learning

Workshop Content

Section 1: Process Overview
Review SDLC and role of testing – Scope of work of Test Lead, QA Manager

Section 2: Leadership and Management Concepts
Leadership versus. Management in SDLC – Influential management styles – Building effective relationships – Maintaining effective communications – Justifying resources (ROI) – Maintaining high performance teams

Section 3: Risk Analysis
Estimating contributing risk factors in testing – Scope of risk: project wide and component basis

Section 4: Test Environment
Definition and organization – Technical requirements – Configuration management – Change management – Test tools – Technical problem management

Section 5: Testing Strategy and Documentation Structure
Documentation structure of the test effort – Addresses document points to be met – Stakeholder identification – Communication – Management

Section 6: Metrics and Measurement
What and why are we measuring? – Relation to testing, development and management

Section 7: Test Team Organization
Roles and responsibilities of team members – Staff selection and training – Team organization as it relates to test strategy, risk assessment and leadership concepts

Section 8: Continuous Learning: Building on Your Successes
Methods and activities that contribute to continuous learning – Building influence as leader and improvement of test process – Lessons learned from evaluation of project plan, test report, staff performance and customer surveys – Guidelines for professional and process improvement reviewed

Who Should Attend

  • Test/Quality Leads
  • Test/Quality Managers
  • Quality Executives