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Boot Camp for Software Testers

Course Length: Flexible

Location: Online

Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD): 2021-12-31

Price: $500 CAD

Course Description:

This is a two-day foundation course of IT software testing concepts. It provides an excellent overview of the entire software testing professional area. In the Boot Camp for Software Testers Course you will learn the basics needed to become a software tester and quality assurance professional and how testing fits into the software development life cycle. Find out what it takes to be a successful software tester and how testing can add significant value to software development.
You will learn the fundamental steps in the testing process: planning, specification, implementation, evaluation, and reporting. In addition, you will study all of the basic aspects of software testing and QA, including a comprehensive overview of tasks, methods, and techniques for effectively testing software in a world-class testing organization.

Course Outline

  • Learning the fundamentals of software testing
  • An overview of a world-class software testing model and a self-assessment of your organizations software testing capabilities
  • Perform a software testing self-assessment on your personal testing skills
  • Identify and learn the nine components of world-class software testing
  • Identify the top ten software testing challenges and how to address them
  • Each participant will complete a personnel plan of action

Who Should Attend

Individuals with responsibilities such as:

  • Software testers
  • Software test managers/supervisors
  • IT quality control professionals
  • New and experienced quality control personnel