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Using ALM/Quality Center v12.x

Details for this course such as pricing and location are to be negotiated. Please contact us if interested.

Course Description:


This course covers the core functionality of ALM/Quality Center from defining Releases and Cycles, Requirements, Test Planning and Executions, through Defect Tracking.  The information presented will cover how a user can organize and track information over the lifecycle of a test project.



5 days



Approximately 70% of the class is devoted to lab exercises


Intended Audience

Quality assurance engineers, testers and business analysts.





Course Outline



Management Module

  • Working with Releases
  • Understanding the relationship between releases, milestones and cycles
  • Creating a release tree
  • Assigning requirements to releases and cycles
  • Assigning tests to releases and cycles


Working with Requirements

  • Understanding requirement types
  • Building a requirements tree
  • Linking requirements to defects, tests, test configurations
  • Requirements traceability
  • Coverage analysis
  • Risk analysis 
  • Reporting and tracking requirements
  • Pinning Requirements


Test Planning

  • Working with Test Cases
  • Subject Tree and Test Grid Views
  • Creating Test Cases
  • Defining test steps and parameters
  • Test Configurations
  • Reporting and tracking test plans


Test Execution

  • Working with Test Sets
  • Test sets, cycles and releases
  • Creating test sets
  • Executing tests and test configurations
  • Test Scheduling
  • Results


Defect Tracking

  • Managing Defects
  • Tracking Defect changes and history
  • Associating defects to other entities
  • Tracking the status of defects


ALM/Quality Center Dashboard Module 

  • Creating Analysis Items 
  • Generating Dashboard Pages 




Excel Reports

  • Creating Excel Reports 
  • Creating SQL Queries 
  • Adding Parameters to SQL Queries 
  • Creating Post-Processing Scripts 


Generating Live Analysis Graphs 

  • Creating Live Analysis Graphs 
  • Setting the Graph Appearance


Project Reports

  • Available Report Sections
  • Custom Templates


Business Views

  • Use pre-defined views
  • Creating custom views
  • Creating Business Views within Excel


HP Sprinter

  • Introduction to HP Sprinter
  • Running tests with HP Sprinter
  • Basic test execution
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Power Mode
  • Data Injection
  • Macros
  • Mirrored Testing


Version Control

  • Checking in/out
  • Viewing version history
  • Comparing and Promoting versions


Library Management

  • Defining libraries and baselines
  • Comparing baselines
  • Pinning a test set to a baseline



Business Models

  • Integrating Business Models
  • Linking to Requirements and Test Cases
  • Using the built-in Analysis View


Test Resources Module

  • Using the Test Resources Module


Importing Tests and Requirements 

  • Importing data from Excel, MS Word


Using the Web Client 

  • Viewing Requirements and Defects from any browser
  • Navigating the interface
  • Working with Workspaces


New Snapshot Tool

  • Capture, edit, and attach images of your application to ALM records


ALM Synchronizer

  • Setting up a HUB project for defects
  • Navigating the interface
  • Synchronizing defects across multiple projects


Integrating External Tests

  • Synch externally executed test results with ALM.
  • Configuring Jenkins to synch results with ALM
  • Synchronize an external result file to ALM by manually importing the file.


Integration with Lean Functional Testing 

  • You can now manage and run LeanFT tests from ALM


ALM Project Customization

User Properties - Modify current user’s properties