Cultural Organisations

Cultural organisations and events are another group that has been hit by Covid-19. With most events cancelled or delayed, their revenue stream has dried up entirely but not all their expenses. Some expenses were already paid and many contracts were signed and should be honoured. We have been receiving requests for financial assistance from some of the theatres we attended in 2019.

One might ask if Quality Assurance has anything to say about Cultural Organisations. It seems like a stretch from the standard work of checking for issues and improving processes. However, there are a couple of counter arguments:

  1. From the website to ticket sales to the control of the lights and sound effects much of the theatre experience relies on software.
  2. Marketing and social media are almost entirely software driven.
  3. All of the above need to be integrated.

Our personal experience seems to imply that many of the smaller groups have purchased a ticket sales process or run one online. It has been impressive in terms of telling us what is available and allowing flexibility in ordering tickets. Larger groups seem to have built their own systems.

It may not be the best time to modify systems but, while the shows are not going on, it may be a good time to see if there are improvements that can be made in the supporting software.

Take a look at our page for Cultural Organisations for further ideas.

Give us a call to continue the discussion. We have supplied Assessment, Coaching, Consulting Management and Training to Financial, Telecommunications, Utlities, NFP, and Government to name just a few.

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