Earth Day

Earth Day passed a few weeks ago without much notice as did Earth Hour in the previous month. Most of the world was concentrating on the more critical problem of Covid-19.

One might ask if Quality Assurance has anything to say about Earth Day or any other environmental initiative. It seems like a stretch from the standard work of checking for issues and improving processes. However, there are a couple of counter arguments:

  1. Data centres absorb a huge amount of electricity. One of the items that Quality Assurance looks at is Efficiency of operations. An incremental improvement in efficiency can save millions in power.
  2. More closely related to standard Quality Assurance is the way in which jet engines are now being monitored continuously and adjusted for efficiency on the fly (so to speak). Again, the data gathered can lead to improvements in efficiency saving in emissions and fuel costs.
  3. IoT could have the same impact as long as the energy spent implementing it and building all the sensors does not outweigh the savings.
  4. .

These are just a few of the changes that Quality Assurance impacts when they are involved.

Take a look at our page for Environmental Organisations for further ideas.

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Photo by Ben Hershey on Unsplash

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