General Comments on Doing it Right

Last week we talked about the common comment ‘always having time to do it over but never having the time to do it right in the first place’. Doing it Right has that famous answer: “If there are n people at a meeting, then there are n opinions on what is the right way and the n+1 st is the correct one”.

To some people doing it right means following the process. This makes the prior assumption that the process is right and provides the correct result. If you are reasonably sure that the process is stable and generates at least close to what is needed as an end result then you might get something that is reasonable at the end. It would be necessary to ensure those two items but it is a start. If the process is wrong, then no amount of work will get you the correct result. If the process is unstable then you may get something useful or you may get something completely wrong (and not know it).

To other people doing it right means doing it their way or no way. If you are absolutely sure that your way is the right way, then that may also suffice. However, if you are in the least bit unsure then the end result may bear no resemblance to the initial requirements.

Some believe that doing it right means supplying the customer with what they want no matter the effort or the convolutions in the process along the way.

Quality Assurance takes all of these into consideration and melds them together to ensure we are doing it right. A QA Assessment reviews the entire process with the following considerations as initial guidance:

  1. Is the customer on track to get what they want?
  2. Does the process support that end result at present?
  3. Are there parts of the process which are not supporting the end requirements?
  4. Are there parts of the process which are not being done even though they would support the end requirement?
  5. Are there efficiencies that could be realised by process improvement?

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