Quality Management

Is there any difference between software and manufacturing?

Last week we participated in a preparation session for an upcoming webinar. The person we will be presenting with is involved Quality Management for Products while I was representing Software.

It was quite surprising how similar we sounded in terms of what we do:

  1. Product Planning Phase turning into Requirements.

  2. Design Phase
  3. Testing Phase
  4. Production Phase
  5. End-of-Life
  • We both wanted measurements and opportunity to institute process improvement.
  • We both looked at the entire lifecycle.
  • We both looked at training as a method of attaining Quality objectives.
  • We both end up with a product.
  • We both wanted to add process improvement at all stages.

There does not seem to be a lot of difference. But, then again, we took our Quality Assurance from Crosby, Deming and Juran.

If you have input on the above, you might want to consider our survey.

Photo by Maria Jose Oyarzun on Unsplash

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