I’m late for a very important Project

I’m late for a very important Project

Monday morning and already we are late for a very important project.

The project has been going for several weeks (sometimes months) and you only learned about it last Friday. The schedule is well advanced, software is being installed and configured and the end date is fixed.

Sound familiar?

Now is the time for some ruthless Risk analysis on what can and can not be done in the remaining time allotted.

  1. What is absolutely crucial and must be completed?
  2. What can be left without increasing the risk profile unduly?

Concentrate on the items in the first bullet point.

One thing not to forget is to note the Lessons Learned from the process. Don’t let the rush of the project prevent you from making some notes as to what went wrong and what could be improved for next time. Otherwise the same situation will repeat itself.

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