Isn’t there a better way to Test?

Isn’t there a better way to Test?

This is a question that gets asked very frequently especially at the end of projects that have not gone well. Testing is often left to the end of the project and by the time people get to it they are tired of the project, tired of the project team and generally looking for something new. Even when projects do go well; people ask the same question.

The answer of course is “YES”. Testing can go better. But it requires a shift in the way it is done. Some people have a set methodology they use for all testing projects. Others rely on specific tools that are supposed to aid them in testing properly. Others work out what they are going to do when they get to the project. If every project was identical and things had been successful in the past then these approaches will work. However, no two projects are alike and the requirements for testing or Quality Assurance differ from project to project.

Sometimes the differences are minor and techniques and processes used in the past can be reused with slight modifications. However, even with minor differences, testing needs to evolve over time to take into account new technologies and new methodologies. With major differences in projects and expectations much more than just a slight evolution must be undertaken. This will be the subject of the next few blogs.

Take a look at some of the seminars that we offer that address this situation and see if they apply to your situation. Testing can be better.
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