JobBOSS Quality Assurance

NVP is an Exact JobBOSS preferred vendor for providing software validation services. JobBOSS clients with registrations such as ISO 13485, FDA 21 part 11 and part 820, or AS9100 are asked by auditors to provide artifacts demonstrating a quality assurance (QA) program is in place and used to validate software installs and upgrades. While most shops have established QA for product quality and process, there is also a need for software QA validation and that is where NVP comes in. NVP provides regression test validation for JobBOSS customers upgrading their software. We know what you are thinking. Doesn’t JobBOSS QA on their software? Absolutely they do! JobBOSS performs alpha testing during development to test detailed combinations of conditions and continues with beta testing in several client shops to evaluate live production use. While this eliminates most defects, each shop is a bit different due to hardware, preferences, options, add-ons, customizations, network, etc.. In order to ensure no significant issues are introduced due to an upgrade, NVP provides regression validation testing specifically for each client in their environment. NVP has prepared and maintained regression validation materials that allow us to serve each client in a more cost effective manner than most clients could do themselves. Talk to NVP about how they can save you money and time while allowing you to focus on what you do best, running your business.