Let a Quality Assurance Manager Fix It

Are you struggling with your company’s data management system? Are you and your team, customers or management frustrated with your processes? Are you having challenges delivering on time or scaling your sales cycle to realistic delivery dates? If you are losing customers, talent and credibility because you are struggling to manage your financial data, inventory, CRM data or other software that’s critical to your company’s success, it might be time to think about hiring an external Quality Assurance Manager.

Is the software that’s supposed to improve your business costing you time, money and customers?

Quality Assurance Manager can help identify where your processes, software and team are breaking down, so you can fix the bugs and inefficiencies. As a professional problem solver, a QA Manager takes time to understand what your business is going through and needs to move forward in a more efficient, and successful way. At NVP Software Solutions we assess your specific needs, then write test plans with all the required components {the first time} and implement them immediately.

You don’t have to struggle when it comes to the management of data within your software systems, a quality assurance manager can help get you back on track. We are experienced, dedicated to risk reduction for the final client and are able to provide resources as required. We have supported banks, major call centres, medium and large sized B2B businesses, large utility organizations, manufacturing companies, automotive businesses and more.

A quality assurance manager is a great way to help ensure your systems are working for you, while supporting and contributing to the growth of your company. Let us know if we can help! 

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