Look ahead to 2019

So what is coming in 2019. No doubt, if that could be predicted accurately, we would not be doing this right now! We would be somewhere on a warm sunny beach.

The easy answers are:

  1. Manual testing will continue.
  2. More automation will be done and much more will be wanted (with or without the understanding of what it involves).
  3. The software we are testing will evolve.

The harder predictions are the external events:

  1. Increasing legal and regulatory requirements for testing can be expected. While some specific regulations in particular industries will be rolled back , we expect the general direction to be more external requirements relating to legal liability and fulfillment of specific requirements.
  2. New industries will move mainstream with software and subsequent need for testing. (If we knew which ones, we would tell you.)
  3. There will be no letup in the pace of software testing. Items that are ‘old’ and mainstream may be assumed to be okay and require minimal testing but new items will still require testing.
  4. The level of interaction between programs will continue to increase.
  5. AI will impact testing.

Things we would like to see (our wishlist):

  1. Increased emphasis on ensuring the customer’s needs are met (after all they are paying the bill).
  2. Better understanding of what Quality Assurance and Quality Control has to offer. It is still too late and an afterthought and those that go into the testing with the assumption that they know it all will not cover what they need to cover to reduce the risk.

One thing that might come up is the necessity (because of volume) to make some code pieces ‘bulletproof’. No matter what you throw at them, they will operate in the way that is expected – either via processing or rejecting the provided information.

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Happy New Year.

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