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RCA – Why – Part 1

Why bother with Root Cause Analysis on Defects? We have enough to do without adding to the work! We found a defect. We fixed the defect. We retested the defect. We closed the defect (pending success...

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Trend Analysis on Defects – Part 2

Last week we discussed some prerequisites for Trend Analysis on defects. We are only discussing defects here but there are many other project metrics that could be analysed. Assuming that the...

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Trend analysis on Defects – Part 1

One of the items that is missed frequently in most organisations is Trend Analysis on Defects. This is the trend over time and over multiple projects. We are looking for whether things are improving...

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We were looking at the risk factors surrounding a project and asked NVP for any formal methods they might know to calculate those risk factors. Neil came back with a document outlining several items that could be considered and also with some categorisations for High, Medium and Low Risk. We are using the relevant ones in our project to help contain the risk Amanda K.

Senior QA Engineer

Brenda: A few months back you recommended Neil Price-Jones from NVP Software Solutions to consult on a software validation Non Conformance. We have been working with Neil and his associates since September and I’m glad to report that they steered us through this complex issue virtually pain free. Thanks for referring us to Neil’s Co. They did a great job and we would highly recommend them. Tony F


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