Critical Logic provides Integrated Quality Management tools and services. Efficient and intelligent test design is at the heart of Critical Logic’s Quality Assurance services. Using advanced model-based testing techniques, you’ll know exactly what to test to ensure a defect free product. This takes the guess work out of designing tests. As with Critical Logic’s BA and Functional Design & Analysis services, their Software QA service relies on formalisms and frameworks to bring a level of discipline to software validation that effectively compliments the model-based testing efficiency. The result is a level of validation and verification usually reserved for only the most mission- and life-critical systems that is accessible to everyone and implementable in today’s fast-paced development cycles.

IQM Studio is technology that enables your partners to solve complex business problems in a collaborative way. Let everyone take charge of quality by using IQM Studio to generate all the needed tests and code in a ready-to-run script that is exported to your automation execution tool!

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