Everyone has heard about Privacy concerns or the lack thereof for some organisations. As someone recently said (or actually many people) “You have already been hacked – it has just not been made public yet!”. Even small organisations with limited interaction and small accounts are being caught up in the Privacy concern. Recently a business acquaintance ended up with a large questionnaire requesting assurance that all data provided was kept secure and private. Efforts to fill out the questionnaire took a long time and probably outweighed the return from the business. Not sure whether it has been passed yet. When she considered all the places private data was stored, backed up or transmitted it was clear that there was a lot of work to do.

Almost(!) no one likes dealing with privacy but no one likes a data breach.

Take a look at our Privacy page and survey and see if this is you.

Happy 2020’s

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Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

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