Standards Not (just) Measurement

To complete our trilogy we need to discuss Standards Not (just) Measurement. While Measurement is generally resisted for fear that it will be used for Personal Performance Reviews, there are organisations that Measure everything but then do nothing with the measurements they have accumulated. They have an increasing heap of measurement data being carefully recorded… Continue reading Standards Not (just) Measurement

Process Not (just) Standards

Many consultants will provide the Standards (what needs to be done) but not the process to be followed. People have their list or toolbox of of standards that they apply in every engagement. At the end a report is provided saying what standards need to be achieved but rarely is a process road map provided… Continue reading Process Not (just) Standards

Know the Need(s) Before

Recently we found ourselves unexpectedly with a group of people who had been told what they needed without being asked what the fundamental problem was or how it could be solved. No needs assessment had occurred. Instead a quick solution had been sold to them and we had been asked to deliver it on behalf… Continue reading Know the Need(s) Before

Inventory the Processes First

One of the concerns with Process Improvement is the tendency to throw out all the old processes and start anew as if nothing had ever existed. This is an understandable reaction if the existing processes have never been organised, recorded, and classified. The problem is compounded if they are scattered throughout the organisation, exist only… Continue reading Inventory the Processes First

Count the 'Bouncebacks'

“Bouncebacks’ is not a technical term in common use. In our usage here we are counting the number of times a defect (or issue) bounces back and forth between tester and developer (or other personnel). It is common for a defect to have a count of at least 2 and maybe 4 if some clarification… Continue reading Count the 'Bouncebacks'

Demographic (testing) Dividend

The demographic dividend occurs when fertility rates drop; and and a bulge of people move through the society creating a reduced dependency ratio. A definition can be found at You might ask what impact this has on testing. Several countries (in the world) are currently experiencing a demographic dividend right now. Some are just… Continue reading Demographic (testing) Dividend