Quality Assurance 2019 Review

Quality Assurance is, as usual, up and down. Some organisations are buying in to Process Improvement, looking long term, and many are realizing that the solutions are not necessarily more testing or another test tool. They understand that the problems lie in how things are done rather than the tools used.

However, many organizations are still adding test tools or adding test phases and layers without adding value to the Software or the Product.

We completed several assessments over the past year and provided seminars aimed at process improvement. We are now up to the stage of implementing the process improvements identified. These organizations are moving ahead and planning for the long term. They can see the value of improvement.

However, on the other hand, some of the people we are dealing with are struggling to complete the necessary testing without considering the long term improvement. They are challenged by the necessity of getting testing done for clients and do not think they have the time for process improvement.

So will this change in the 2020? It seems unlikely in view of the above unless we consider the following:

  1. Calculate the real benefit of implementation of process improvement over multiple projects. This is the long term, high level, view of how process improvement benefits multiple projects.
  2. Define and gather the appropriate measurements and metrics to determine whether the process improvement is having the desired effect and also to identify further process improvement opportunities.
  3. Select and acquire the appropriate technology to support the process improvement effort. Talk to us about a well tested methodology for QA technology acquisition.

Photo by Bekir Dönmez on Unsplash

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