Quality Assurance 2021

Quality Assurance 2021

Quality Assurance (defined as Process Improvement) had an interesting evolution in 2021. After the rush in 2020 when a lot of other projects and initiatives got pushed off pending the expected quick end to the pandemic and let in room for QA initiatives, 2021 saw a reversion to the status quo where QA was a lesser priority compared to on-going projects. Since it was clear that things were not going to be normal during 2021, clients started the projects they had delayed. Of course, many of them did not run as well as hoped given the remote nature of work that still existed but they had to be done. A little less attention was paid to Quality Assurance.

However, that change had some advantages:

  • Remote projects showed a different set of Process Challenges compared to onsite projects.
  • People adapted very well to remote working (after some initial glitches).
  • We were able to see and document many changes that make the processes better whether they were local or remote.
  • Some tools were already designed for the change to remote working since they had assumed on that type of model already. Others required a lot of extra steps to access and use.

Will this help?

  1. There have been a lot of changes in the last 22 months. QA is uniquely positioned to make those changes more effective in the longer term.
  2. The issue will be to get this done while people are still thinking about it and are receptive to changes.

One thing not to forget is to note the Lessons Learned from the process. Don’t let the rush of the project prevent you from making some notes as to what went wrong and what could be improved for next time. Otherwise the same situation will repeat itself.


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