Quality Assurance 2022 – Step 2

Quality Assurance 2022 – Step 2

If you look back at the initial post on this subject from this year, we stated that it was required to ‘sell’ this initiative to other groups. We ended with a comment about the need to anticipate further questions. If you read some of the original books on QA, you will find that they state that QA ‘took on a life of its own’ and became self-sustaining. Most of us do not have that luxury and run into continual push back as the Quality Assurance initiative touches more and more groups. Each group has a different viewpoint and different needs from Quality Assurance. Some of these will be contradictory and some will be in direct opposition to the initiative. All of these will need to be anticipated and answered if we do not want the initiative to stop.

Do not anticipate that because the initiative has been approved once that it is immune from further questions until it is completed.

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