Quality Assurance 2022

Quality Assurance 2022

During the past year, we gathered up some articles and LinkedIn posts indicating a desire to improve Quality Assurance. Most people seemed to feel that this needed to be a country lead initiative or at least a consortium of several large companies. While that might be a laudable aim, it is unlikely to occur.
Most governments have other things to do and a lack of understanding about quality. Large companies have other priorities and Quality Assurance is just one of many items that need to be addressed.

Look for more about this in the New Year.

  1. There have been a lot of changes in the last 22 months. QA is uniquely positioned to make those changes more effective in the longer term.
  2. The issue will be to get this done while people are still thinking about it and are receptive to changes.

Happy New Year

One thing not to forget is to note the Lessons Learned from the process. Don’t let the rush of the project prevent you from making some notes as to what went wrong and what could be improved for next time. Otherwise the same situation will repeat itself.


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