Quality Assurance and Artificial Intelligence

In late December we heard two sides of the argument about Quality Assurance(QA) and Artificial Intelligence(AI).

Side one from a Financial Executive: ‘AI will do away with the need for testing, testers, and QA’.

Side two from a Quality Assurance Guru: ‘AI will mean more work than ever for QA.

We tend to think it will be somewhere in the middle.

  1. AI will automate some tasks that are now done manually. We are already seeing this with some of the tools. This process has been ongoing for a long time.
  2. AI will change the way programming is done. As a recent article stated: Some of the programs were very simple; the data, however, was critical and every change in data lead to very different results.
  3. Following along with the point from above; AI wil allow us to do things in software that we could not have done before. This is already occurring.
  4. However, we will still have to test this to make sure we are using the right data and drawing the correct conclusions.

QA is going to need to know how to understand, find, and load unbiased data.

QA will need to understand and test how the conclusions are drawn, rather than what the actual results are at the time of test execution.

This will impact everything we do from setup, to data provisioning, to execution and reporting. Test planning might escape the maelstorm but we would not bet on it.

Happy 2020’s

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Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

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