Quality Assurance Assessments – Part 3

Quality Assurance Assessments take a variety of forms in an IT project and can range from very informal to very formal in nature. This week we will discuss HOW to do a QA Assessment now that we have completed an explanation of WHY to do Assessment in a past blog.

HOW Quality Assurance Assessments are Done:

The following needs to be done in order to complete a Quality Assurance Assessment:

  1. Determine the objective of the assessment. (Refer to Why Quality Assurance Assessments are Done in a past blog).
  2. Set up a team (may be a team of 1) to do the assessment.
  3. Determine the targeted group who are going to provide information to the team.
  4. Determine the method of getting the information (questionnaire; in person interviews; survey).
  5. Using the method selected above, carry out the assessment.
  6. Collate the results.
  7. Provide a report.

The above is a general methodology. The following is a short example of a very basic QA Assessment.

    1. The objective is to determine how well the Software Testing Process worked on the last project.
    2. The team will be the Quality Assurance department (not involved in the particular project).
    3. Target audience: Software Testers, Developers, Project Manager(s), End Users, Management, all other interested stakeholders.
    4. Methodology: Individual interviews using a questionnaire. Some sample questions follow
      • What went right with the project in terms of Software Testing?
      • What went wrong with the project in terms of Software Testing?
      • What expectations were and were not met?
      • How could the process be improved?

This is a very small sample of questions to be answered. From there:

  1. Compile the answers into a report removing the names and any identifying comments.
  2. Create a set of recommendations based on the results.

If you are having trouble working this out, contact us and we can help guide you and your team in the right direction.

Finally, we’ll leave you with a few questions and ask you to post your answers.

  1. Have you participated in a Test Process Assessment?
  2. What was the justification for the Assessment?
  3. Were the results used for Process Improvement?

Next Week: KWSQA, TASSQ and London Peer-to-Peer

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