Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence

Last week we discussed a misconception about Quality Assurance. Judging from some of the feedback we received, the post struck a nerve. Many people talked about the how they had encountered a similar misconception and what could be done about it. Although education seems to be the answer, it is ongoing and can be frustrating from time-to-time. Does one just leave it alone when people make these comments (even if the one I heard was probably not entirely serious)? Does one attempt to correct the misconception? That usually means starting a long dialogue (monologue?) with sometimes frustrating results. Either people start to glaze over, have something pressing to do somewhere else, or else simply misunderstand what was said (wilfully at times).

So with all that in mind, we are going to start into a series on what is a Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence. This is more ambitious than a Testing Centre of Excellence which we discussed late last year. One of the criteria that came out of talk I attended last year, was that a Testing Centre of Excellence had to have a delivery component. A delivery component for a Quality Assurance Centre of Excellence is going to be a little harder. This means that this is going to be slightly more of a challenge. We will work through the same hierarchy insofar as it applies to this situation but obviously the emphasis will be different.

So, having started the plan for the plan which always reminds me of The Siphonaptera next week we will start into the real classifications.

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