Quality Assurance for Contracts

Quality Assurance for Contracts may seem like something that does not need to be considered and can be ignored in the early stages of a business relationship. That seems to be the normal reaction. The number of contracts we have seen that pay no attention to Quality Assurance issues or summarise them in one line is quite large. Some of our favourites include:

  1. The product shall be of a Quality nature. Quality nature not being defined
  2. Testing will be completed. By whom and when, how or where is not considered
  3. Test results will be supplied. Format, detail and how left to the discretion of the supplier

And list goes on with no improvement.

Of course, we pay the price at the end when either the vendor points out that the Quality wording does not bind them to much or the customer starts demanding information and proof. You can pay for these omissions for years in extra work and effort to try and either get the information from vendors or in supplying more and more detailed results which you had not expected.

A few clauses outlining the expected Quality Factors and the expectations in terms of Testing and Quality Assurance can save masses of time and budget later on. Even better a few Fundamental Processes, put in place while people are not stressed thinking about the project can ensure everyone is on the same page when it comes to information and communication.

Take a look at some of the seminars that we offer that address this situation and see if they apply to your situation. Considering the Quality Assurance and testing aspects early in the contract can save you a lot of effort, time and funds later on.

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