Quality Assurance for Startups – Part 4

The last three posts have concentrated on Quality Assurance for Startups. Next week we will move into Starting Quality Assurance (for an already existing organization). However, we will finish off this week with some small examples of Quality Assurance Processes that a Startup can adopt for little or no cost.

The first and easiest one is a Incident Tracking Process; definitions, and standards. You can easily  download a free Incident Tracker online or simply use an Excel Spreadsheet. The part that tends to get ignored is the process and standards. Generating a incident tracking flow chart can be done on paper and takes little time to create and post. Standards for the Priority and Severity for incidents can be downloaded from the Internet or generated. The resistance is usually because it is viewed as unnecessary at this stage. However, if it is created and posted at this stage, it becomes part of the culture.

The second one is the code control and promotion process. Similar to the above, it is generally not viewed as worthwhile at the Startup stage since everyone knows where the code is and how it is to be treated. It is also likely that not all steps or stages are needed at this time. However, another flow chart showing the steps and the expectations at this stage can save a lot of concerns later. The diagram will need to be augmented as the company grows and becomes more complex but the initial diagram is quick to create and solves a lot of problems.

The third one is testing processes. Again, it may look like too much effort for too little return at this stage but the creation of a testing process, standards, and definitions can be very effective in ensuring that everyone is working in the same way and can avoid a lot of repetition and redundancy.

None of the above are intended to take more than a few minutes to create and set up. The payback is quite high and long term benefits are huge.

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