Quality Assurance in 2021 – Part 3


What does an Organisation “Buying Quality” really want?



As mentioned in our newsletter, we have several initiatives under way to enhance the Quality Assurance in a number of organisations. If you reviewed the list, you will note that they are all over the place in terms of what they expect.

  1. One is doing traditional Process Improvement.
  2. Another wants to improve their Quality Management, enhance their Processes (QA) and still complete testing (QC) on all their projects. As you can well imagine, this one has several competing stakeholders.
  3. A third one wants to improve their Requirements Management, testing is not considered.
  4. One wants to record the results of their tests but is quite satisfied with their processes as they currently exist.
  5. The last one wants complementary QA training to support their processes (which are currently changing!)

Suffice to say that these are all under a Quality Initiative.

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