Quality Assurance in 2021 – Starting – Part 2

Starting Quality Assurance – Part 2

Last week we mentioned looking for places where items are going wrong once we had our initial picture.  This is still in the beginning stages and is not meant to prove anything.  We have not started to gather any statistics since we really do not know what might be worth measuring.  So our step is simply to divide up the diagram into discrete pieces and ask people to vote for the 1st 2nd, 3rd choices for the pieces of the process causing the most trouble.  We will assign 5 points to the a first place vote, 3 to a second and 1 to a third.  Total up the points and determine where the worst offending problems exist.  You probably already know the answers but it does not hurt to get confirmation from other people.  It also makes it easier to make changes if everyone is voting for, and agreeing where the worst problems exist.

Next week; Process Analysis and Statistics.

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