Quality Assurance in a Pandemic – 2

Last week we talked about QA in a pandemic and how approaches were differing between clients. This week we are looking at those who are continuing and what they are doing or did to make it happen successfully.

The major difference between the ones who are continuing and those that are not is an embrace of People, Process, and Technology. Organizations that had a good knowledge of their people and what they could do, did not have any problems with them working offsite. If the organization had mature processes in place as well, then there was very little gap. The processes might have needed some modification to accommodate the remote nature of the work but the rest of it was already in place and ready to go. It was always known that tools facilitate communication and work flows and with the right people and processes this was easily maintained. How much this helped, became very obvious when some organizations continued on with almost no break while others had a hard stop then got going again slowly. Those with poor trust or lacking process or tools stumbled badly.

It did not eliminate some problems, there was some expectation of onsite presence in the office (testing on devices that only worked on the internal network) or access to the server but it could have been much worse.

Two last comments that were made in a Business Magazine last week:

  1. Young people who are new to the company and have no experience are not getting any exposure to the corporate culture. This is an issue.
  2. There is a lack of ‘water-cooler’ discussions that help facilitate idea exchanges and new ideas. This is also an issue.

If you have input on the above, you might want to consider our survey.

Image by Vladimir Fedotov on Unsplash.

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  1. I received a comment from a recent hire that every meeting is scheduled with an agenda (which I would have thought would be good) but there is little room for flow of ideas when it is set since it focuses on specific items.

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