The Results of Software Tester Training

Software tester training seems to be something that needs a lot more attention, given how many conversations we’ve had on this topic. A few weeks ago we talked about How We Train Software Testers? We get a surprising number of questions about software tester training and plans, and we now want to touch on the results of software tester training.

Some people look available courses (no matter what the delivery method) and can’t decide if they will benefit from the training – so they may or may not opt to develop professionally. Others attend training and use the material as soon as they return to work, putting the information they gathered to use, and increasing their efficiency. There are also people who attend training and don’t benefit from it at all. We’ll address the ones who can’t decide if training will benefit them, and the ones who aren’t gaining from it when they do participate.

The first set of people need more information and the key is research, research, research.

  1. Check out the organization offering the training. Do they have a history and credibility in the industry?
  2. Check out the instructor. Do they have the experience with courses that will resonate with you?
  3. Contact the organization or instructor and ask detailed questions about the course content. A qualified instructor will know exactly how course material will benefit their class.

Those who don’t benefit from software tester training they participate in need to consider the following:

  1. Before signing up, follow our three research tips above.
  2. Make sure you fill in the any pre-course material with detailed points you’re hoping to gather from the training.
  3. Provide specific examples of daily challenges and any problems you would like help solving.
  4. Ask the instructor questions (offline) about any specific items you want to address.

While the instructor cannot modify the course to fully suit anyone one individual’s specific needs, most instructors will be more than happy to help with requests as this may also lead to a discussion that could help others in the session who are experiencing similar challenges.

Before you attend any software tester training, identify exactly how you and your organization can benefit from the training. Then find the best way to make use of the training you have received.

Discussion Questions

  1. Do you participate in Training for Testing?
  2. How was it delivered?
  3. Would you have preferred it delivered in a different way?

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