Scheduling Test Cycles

Scheduling Test Cycles often seems to create challenges for Managers, so we thought we’d tackle this for today’s blog. In our experience, there seems to be an ingrained view from Test Managers and Development Managers to not leave time between the Test Cycles or the Fix Cycles for the other party to do their work.

I have seen Test Cycles scheduled consecutively with no room to actually fix anything. The idea was that they could fix the bug overnight or during the weekend because nothing could impede the test effort at this stage. The alternate problem is scheduling by the Development Manager who puts all the time into the Fix or upgrade time and allocates nothing for testing. The same question elicits a similar answer that testing can proceed overnight or on weekends.

What is obvious is that there has to be compromise on both sides.

However, it is possible to schedule overlap. Certainly Developers can start fixing bugs found early in the test cycle. before the cycle is finished, and it’s probably better that they do. However, this requires strong promotion and code control procedures and a plan on how the environments are going to organize. Otherwise, fixes start getting into the test environment before other testing is done. Similarly testing can continue even when Developers are in fix-mode. Planning is required to cover items they aren’t working on at the moment.

We just need to plan our way through this with the understanding that there will be changes as the project evolves, dependencies arise, and items change.

Discussion Questions

  1. Have you Scheduled Test Cycles?
  2. If yes, to number 1, how did it work out?
  3. What would you have done differently based on what you know now?

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