Selling QA

In the last couple of blogs we talked about Early Involvement and the ROI of Quality Assurance. A list of a few places where Quality Assurance pays was also provided.

However, Selling Quality Assurance can still be a challenge.

    • Some organisations see the benefit and buy in to the concept permanently.
    • Others never make the move towards a Quality Culture and cannot see the need.
    • The most common scenario is a cyclical one:

Someone in an organisation embraces Quality and either are in the correct position to make it happen or have great timing where there has been a move towards Quality Assurance and it just needed someone
to ‘ride the wave’ to completion.

  • There is, of couse, always the last scenario where there has been a crisis and everyone comes to the conclusion “If we only had had Quality Assurance the ‘problem/crisis/disaster’ would never have occurred”.

Be very careful of the last one; it is not likely a deep commitment. Once the crisis is over, there will be a reversion to the earlier behaviour. It is very tempting to go to an organisation that has just had a crisis and try to convince them to change but it is not likely to occur and will be a struggle.

So, how do we sell QA:

  1. We need to know the state of the organisation. Is there an underlying need or wish; or just a superficial desire?
  2. Who are the decision makers and what do they want?
  3. Where can be we get a reasonable return in a short period – we have to show something fairly quickly.

Remember a culture change takes years. We need a set of successes that are directly attributable to Quality Assurance to start making the case for the wholesale introduction and embedding of the concept.

Take a look at some of the seminars that we offer that address this situation and see if they apply to your situation. Quality Assurance is exceedingly Cost-Efficient.

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