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Seminars are available online or on site depending on the size of group and location. If you see one of interest, please send a Request making sure to name the seminar you want and provide your contact information.

All seminars are 1 hour in length with time left for questions.


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ClientOnshore Requirements, Offshore Design and Build, Onshore TestingRequest
TestingOutsourcing, COTS, and Contracting Quality Request
General InterestTrends Implications for Testing and QARequest
AutomationAutomation Part IRequest
Test managementMeasurement, Test Status, Analysis and ReportingRequest
Quality AssuranceSQA in an Agile environmentRequest
ClientManaging a Virtual Test Team - ICSQ; ASQRequest
AutomationAutomation Part IIRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality LeadershipRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality PlanningRequest
General InterestRisk in the Software Development Life CycleRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance OutsourcingRequest
TestingDon't TestRequest
TestingManaging the Test ProjectRequest
Quality AssuranceSQA and business failure: what investors and founders need to knowRequest
Quality AssuranceSQA in DevOps environmentRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality – “Re-Engineered” Part 1 The Production RealityRequest
Quality AssuranceMetrics &MeasurementRequest
Quality AssuranceInternal Control & SecurityRequest
TestingTesting Specialized TechnologiesRequest
Test ManagementQuality Assurance & Control ConsultingRequest
Quality AssuranceSoftware Quality Assurance: how not to break your business when scaling upRequest
Quality AssuranceSQA when you do not have enough resources… what gives?Request
Quality AssuranceSQA in mixed development environmentsRequest
TestingCost Effective TestingRequest
Test ManagementQuality Assurance AssessmentsRequest
Quality Assurancehow to manage SQA to speed up development, gain customers and reduce costsRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality – “Re-Engineered” Part 2 Quality TestingRequest
Quality Assurance Define, Build, Implement and Improve Work ProcessRequest
TestingQuality Control PracticesRequest
General InterestQA as a Career PathRequest
General InterestSoft Skills for TestersRequest
AutomationExperiences in AutomationRequest
TestingWalkthroughs, Checkpoint Reviews and InspectionsRequest
Quality AssuranceStarting Quality AssuranceRequest
General InterestWhat is the worst that could happen?Request
Quality Assurancewhen starting up: what CEO’s need to know about SQA to grow their business fasterRequest
Quality AssuranceSQA and software security: how do they go together?Request
Quality AssuranceSQA and funding your businessRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality Principles and ConceptsRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality Baselines (Assessments & Audits)Request
TestingSoftware Testing Principles and ConceptsRequest
TestingBuilding the Software Testing EcosystemRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance ManagementRequest
AutomationAutomation AssessmentRequest
Quality Assurance…PM? What project managers need to know about SQA, to keep their sanityRequest
Quality Assurancewhat product managers need to know about SQA: Where is the BIG payoff?Request
Quality AssuranceSQA in Waterfall developmentRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality Assurance for StartupsRequest
ClientClient Analysis: Problem, Recommendation, ResultsRequest
Quality AssuranceQuality AssuranceRequest
TestingTest PlanningRequest
TestingDesigning Test CasesRequest
TestingExecuting the TestsRequest

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