Is your software out of control?


Is there no progress on getting the software project implemented?


Are you spending too much with no results?


If you answered Yes or Maybe to any of the above, continue reading below to see if we can answer your needs.

Quality Assurance Assessments

NVP Software Solutions provides Assessments of Software Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Software Testing) Practices to identify cost reduction opportunities and improve Quality Assurance effectiveness and efficiency.

The Quality Assurance Assessment is an investigation of the processes that include software development and quality control.

The Software Testing Assessment provides expert evaluation on all aspects of software testing based on industry best practices

Our Quality Assurance Assessment services include:

  • Find and analyze all existing Quality Assurance issues.
  • Provide full details and recommendations on what can be improved.
  • Provide a high level roadmap to implement the recommendations.
  • Manage the required changes.
  • Evaluate the implemented SQA program to ensure its success.
  • Identify and implement ongoing improvements.
  • Provide formal documentation of the improvements and detailed reports.

NVP’s assessments provide guidance to improve your processes and the quality of your software.


  1. Resolves client dissatisfaction resulting in more business.
  2. Fixes where current processes are not working.
  3. More efficient IT service saving money.
  4. More effective IT service saving money.