Automation Assessment

Automation Assessment

NVP Software Solutions provides Assessments of Automation to identify cost reduction opportunities and improve Automation effectiveness and efficiency.

More efficient and effective IT automation, saving you money.

Provides integrity and confidence to clients resulting in more business.

Fixes problems where current processes are absent or not working.

Maximized test coverage: get more things tested because of automation, and go deeper in the testing.

Eliminate risk of oversight from repeated manual testing.

Faster execution of tests in multiple environments.

More focus on new features.

The Automation Assessment is an investigation of the processes surrounding the Automation effort. We provide expert evaluation on all aspects of Automation based on industry best practices. This evaluation includes:

  • Review the products that are candidates for automation to ensure they are fully operational.
  • Review the extent and depth of automation to determine what can and cannot be automated.
  • Identify and categorize all tools in use.
  • Identify redundancies between automation tools.
  • Identify usage practices.
  • Provide full details and recommendations on the findings.
  • Provide a high level roadmap to implement the recommendations.

Before you start or contact us, ask yourself the following pre-assessment questions:

  1. Is the testing mix more than 90% manual?
  2. Has testing activity become deskilled?
  3. Are people dissatisfied with the current testing?
  4. Does current testing take “too long to finish”?
  5. Is there a need for more testing resources, but no budget?
  6. Has manual testing become tedious, repetitive, and therefore less effective?

Next Steps

  • Manage the change process to accomplish the recommendations and build the automated program.
  • Execute the automation cycle using the automate program.
  • Evaluate the implemented Automation program to ensure its success.
  • Make recommendations for ongoing improvements and implement as required.
  • Provide formal documentation of the automation effort, improvements and detailed reports on the results from the automation cycle.

NVP’s assessments provide guidance to improve your processes and the quality of your software.

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