Do you have a project for which you need Quality Assurance or Software Testing?


Are you unsure of what your vendor or developer may have done to prove the solution works?


Do you need to prove the software works before you use it?


Do you need to satisfy regulatory requirements?


If you answered Yes or Maybe to any of the above, continue reading below to see if we can answer your needs.

Quality Assurance Management

NVP Software Solutions provides management of the Quality Assurance and Quality Control (Software Testing) aspects of a project. The manager is onsite full time managing a team of multiple people (either your resources or external as required) to complete a project and providing sufficient assurance to the final client that due diligence has been completed.

Our Quality Assurance Management services include:

  • Quality Assurance Assessment for the identified project.
  • Quality Assurance Planning.
  • Quality Control of the Plan.
  • Quality Control of the Test Environment(s).
  • Management of Test Execution.
  • Completion of Test Documentation.
  • Post Implementation Review and Improvements identified.


  1. Experienced management.
  2. Reduce risk to the final client.
  3. Fulfills client Quality Assurance and Quality Control requirements.
  4. Provides resources as required.

Offsite Quality Assurance Management


 NVP Software Solutions provides management and testing on an ongoing basis for testing projects.

The Offsite Quality Assurance Management process provides resources and management for a testing project where the client does not have the resources to complete it internally.

Our Offsite Quality Assurance Management services include:

  • Manage the Quality Assurance and Software Testing Offsite.
  • Provide test cases, test plans, test results, and Quality Assurance processes.
  • Tailor the support to the client risk profile.


  1. Software Testing and Quality Assurance as if you had senior resources on site but without the cost and commitment.
  2. Start at an expert level rather than with a junior resource, omitting the learning phases and getting directly to the required Quality level.
  3. Expertise as if it was your own.